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Sunless Tanning,

VersaSpa PRO is now in

College Station!

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VersaPRO is now in College Station! Watch the VersaPro Video!
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Welcome to our Web site!
We now have four locations you can tan at!
4243 wellborn rd, Bryan (next to Aggie Station)
900 Harvey rd, (across from The Tap)
Southwest Parkway and Wellborn rd (behind Laynes)
Our newest store on Rock Prarie!
Our salons have Three levels of tanning to provide you with the best equipment to obtain the deepest, darkest tan that you can achieve!

We have 20 min beds for rest and relaxation, 10 and 12 minute beds for Speed and convienience, plus High Pressure tanning which is the ultimate way to tan!
In addition, we have added a NEW Leg Tanner in order to help those who only want their legs tan!

We now offer High Pressure Tanning! With High Pressure tanning you can visit the salon only three times a month!

The next generation of Sunless Tanning is Here! VersaPro Sunless Tanning System is now in College Station at all 4 stores!

Why VersaSpa when you can VersaPRO!

We offer Airbrush Tanning at our Harvey rd, Southwest Parkway, and Rock Prarie locations!

Hydration Station!, A Steam Bath with Dry heat, Massage, and Aroma Therapy!

     Thank you and enjoy your visit!

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